Custom Designs

Custom Designs

Custom Designs


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After your selection from our large Custom Library is made please provide us with the name code of the single pattern you like to purchase during the products check out and our office will forward the digital format in seamless format to your mailbox.

The file then can be printed in any media you choose including transferring into hydrographics media for a 3d object transfer or any general industry media you prefer.

The Hydrographics Digital Printing service we offer is charged separately, please select this service from the products below or request for our office to generate printable media with your selection graphics to suit your needs.

Also our office can print your printable graphics design on your request. Minimum order is 2 meters on all printable orders.

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Custom digital patterns purchase

Product no.: CUSTDES


Delivery period: 1 working days

Hydrographics Printing World Wide Service CMYK

Product no.: HYDROPRIFC

$50.00 / m

Delivery period: 3 working days

Hydrographics Printing MONO World Wide Service

Product no.: HYDROPRIBW

$39.00 / m

Delivery period: 3 working days