Thermochromic Paint – Heat Reactive paint Premixed 1 LTR Kit

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Thermochromic Pigment – Heat Reactive paint Premixed 1LTR Kit

Our product kit is specially and carefully premixed with for easy use. Our 2 part kit makes 1 litre of paint which can be applied over any paintable surface.

The temperature changing effect of our kit is set to from 25C to 32C 

We can manufacture  any temperature rating paint if requested however the below products are normally available in stock.

  Please contact our office for a special temperature paint order if the below products are not what you require.

The kit will contain: 500ml of our special premixed pigment with 500ml of HCA reducer to mix prior to application. or we can suppply a fully premixed 1 ltr product ready to apply.

Mixing ratio 1:1 or 2:1 can be painted by brush/roller or Spray Gun (recommended)

          Available in colours below.

  • Black  25c or 32C tempreture selection
  • Yellow 32C


Please choose your colour selection during the purchase checkout 

Thermochromic paints change as the temperature changes at a set value. As the temperature riches above 25C to 32C, the pigment becomes colourless, revealing the basecoat colour or graphics underneath.

The black helmet showing was a white base coat colour with a black temperature sensitive paint sprayed over it and clear coated to protect the special effect from UV damage.

We recommend our 2K Air Dry 20 minute curing clear to seal the products available from our store.

Note: The product is recommended for internal use only as it may lose its properties exposed to UV light. Please see our UV paint effects for external use application.

See video link of the effect here 

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