HCA ONE HIT WONDER Hydrographic 2K Base paint / primer 1.25LTR Kit

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HCA ONE HIT WONDER Hydrographics Base Paint / Primer 2K (White)



HCA ONE HIT WONDER Australian Made Exclusive  Hydrographics 2k primer / base (white base) Tintable in 1.25 ltr Kit. 

HCA One Hit Wonder Paint is a advanced 2k system ready-to-spray basecoat formulated specifically for the hydrographic process.  

HCA One Hit Wonder’s unique formula eliminates the need to apply separate primers or adhesion promoters on many surfaces including metal, fiberglass, bone, wood, plastics* and previously painted parts and unlike most solvent-based paints that require you to dip within 8 hours of application. You simply scuff & degrease, apply One Hit Wonder and dip.  

 *Flame treatment required for HDPE plastic or ask our technical department for a water base cleaner available.

 In addition, HCA One Hit Wonder is designed to chemically bond with hydrographic film using the film’s activator as a catalyst.  

The clear coat, when applied, then bonds THROUGH the film, into the paint and cures everything as one element.

Please note a specific 3 to 24hrs window is required for the image dipping process to be competed.

Special properties of this product is to be allow the print to be washed out without repeating the process.

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