In line Air Filter water separator Compressed air tool

In line Air Filter water separator Compressed air tool

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The perfect solution to the problems created by the contamination of the compressed air used in many plasma cutting or spray painting
systems. It eliminates “sputter” caused by moisture and oil from compressed air lines. It extends the electrode and tip life, with
obvious benefits to the cut quality. Designed to remove areosol oil and moisture, the unit  is a real benefit, entrapping particles as small as .01 microns inches,  The ”AT 1000’ can filter up to 1250 Iiters a minute without reduction in pressure.

It’s recommended to replace the filter cartridge every 5 to 7 days (max). It’s also very suitable for painters and use of pneumatic tools.




  • Part No.50500-12 - Sub-Micronic Air Filter
  • Part No.50505-48 - Sub-Micronic Cartridge
  • Filtering Degree01 pinch - 0.25 pm
  • Maximum Pressure125 PSI - 8.5 bar
  • Maximum Flow @ 80%2700 SCFH - 1250|/min
  • Temperature Range:1 5-1 40F / -1 0 +60Co
  • Size Pipe1/4 NPT
  • Dimension / colour 132 x 200 mm / black - white 

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