Hydro Dipping tank Heating Element for water transfer printing

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Hydro Dipping tank Heating Element for water transfer printing

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Dipping tank hydrographics Industrial Immersion Heaters, 4000W 240/380 vac,

4KW 6P Terminals Water Boiler Heating Element 3U Tube Heater-in Temperature Instruments from Industry & Business 


Product Name Water Heater Element
Shape 3U Tube Bundle Type
Main Material Stainless Steel
Rated Voltage AC 240V / 400 VAC
Power 3-4KW
Bar Diameter 8mm/ 0.315"
Overall Size(Approx.) 25 x 4cm/ 9.84" x 1.57"(L*Max.D)
Thread Diameter 4mm/ 0.157"
Mount Thread Diameter 46mm/1.81", 58mm/ 2.28"
Color Silver Tone
Weight 690g
Package Content 
1 x Water Heater Element


 Please note:  we have a range of power rating heating elements in stock ranging from 2KW to 12KW if required.

All products are supported and for any assistance please call us on 0418547709 Australia Wide email [email protected]

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